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Who We Are

Convert Technologies are a world leading RF and real-time location reporting services company, who design and develop solutions for a range of industries, especially for Health, Social Care and Logistics Sectors. Convert’s business model is to license patent protected solutions to third-party brands with well-established routes to national and international markets

How We Add Value

Convert’s Value Proposition is in the provision of complete technology solutions for full, or partial licence. Companies who are product and service driven often struggle to develop new technologies. Sometimes their scale, pre-conceptions and strict processes, make innovation and world class development difficult, leading to a risk-averse incremental development strategy. This is where Convert come in – working to create and innovate for their license partners and indeed for future generations.

Use Cases

Care Homes &
Care Villages
Care Home Use Cases Convert Technology

With our TaCT solution, care homes, hospitals and housing associations will be able to keep people with dementia independent for as long as possible.

Asset Management
Hospitals Use Case Convert Technologies

No need to locate a nearby PC first, simply use the accompanying TaCT app to identify and locate your asset in 3D space, to an accuracy of within 1m.

Contact Tracing
Pandemic Contract Tracing

Convert’s TaCT platform, will record accurate trace information to identify close contacts at crowded venues, working alongside emerging mobile systems.