Military & Aerospace

Tracking and Communication Technology for
the Defence Sector

Use Cases

As part of the diversification and expansion of Convert’s IP Portfolio, for the past 2 years we have been working on our real-time Tracking and Communication Technology solution, initially for the Health & Social Care sector, but can be applied equally well across a range of industries, such as Military & Aerospace, Rail, and Healthcare Logistics. Below are three Use Case examples for your consideration. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, don’t hesitate to Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

The Problem

Large, heavy-industrial organisations (e.g., Military and Aerospace (Mil-Aero), operate large-footprint, complex, indoor/outdoor sites with many-thousands of mobile, high-value, high-integrity assets (people, tools, equipment, materials) that need to be managed and located over their lifetime to: maintain budgetary control, reduce theft/loss, remain safety-compliant, and increase operational efficiency.

The Solution

1- 50 m

TaCT’s Native location accuracy between 1-3m

Up to 0 %

Up to 30% savings can be made through improved operational efficiencies, better management and greater visibility of high-value, high-integrity assets.

0 m

TaCT’s Range (Line of sight) up to 2km

Novel i-Tag technology supports greater integration of business process and location services without overly compromising tag size or power.

Scaleable solution ideally suited to expansive indoor and outdoor environments, where there is a need to locate tens of thousands of assets over tens of square kilometers. 

In the Mil-Aero sector, high-cost assets and compliance requirements demand efficient monitoring/management systems.

iTag messaging provides a direct message interface to the tag (and Operative) via application-driven process-rules.

Client Benefits

Various possible applications of Convert Technologies’ solution across military and aerospace facilities can deliver real-world benefits such as:

Provides a safe working environment for continued operation.

Low cost, low power solution. Non-intrusive installation. Anchor & Tag devices are battery powered for up to 3yrs. 

Improves asset location accuracy, asset condition & status, as standard.

Easy to use control app adds more value to location services, especially in compliance-heavy, safety-critical applications.

Finding Out More

We want to engage channel partners to help shape the solution to their needs, ready for integration into their systems. As such, we are now able to offer a technology demonstration system available to interested parties, which can be installed quickly and easily in your preferred location or environment, for testing and validation purposes.