Convert Technologies

Our Story

Convert Technologies is a highly specialised and disruptive technology company with a mission to develop innovative solutions around intelligent location reporting and secure data services, which when combined, is the real strength of our technology platform. We have been awarded substantial Innovate UK funding to support the developments into the Military & Aerospace, Rail, and Healthcare Logistics sectors.

On formation, Convert’s initial technology focus was in home entertainment, which produced a successful internet of things (IOT) media platform. This led us to investigate emerging technologies developing around future networks, in particular LoRa® networks and radio ranging at 2.4GHz.

We believed this platform could be developed to provide accurate location services to compliment, or compete with, existing solutions based on GPS, Wi-Fi, RFID, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) or UWB (Ultra- wideband).

This development has proved successful, and we are now being recognised as the world leaders, offering indoor and outdoor accuracy of up to ~95% of readings within 2m, ~75% within 1m, whilst reducing power and battery consumption.

To maximise the deployment of this technology, we are looking to license it, in whole or part, to commercial partners who are looking to gain access to a market that is forecast to grow from $6bn in 2020 to $17bn by 2025 – a compound growth rate of 22.5%.

Our People

Convert Technologies are driven by a group of talented, like-minded individuals with complimentary skills. The management team, consisting of company founders and major shareholders, have worked together for more than 20 years, and have a strong track record of success. The team formed and grew Nexsan Technologies, a highly disruptive manufacturer of innovative data storage products, which was sold to Imation Corp. for $120M in 2012.

The R&D management team have over 100 years of combined experience in all aspects of product design and development. With over a dozen patents to their name, and a skillset covering systems architecture, hardware and software design, and production considerations, the team contain all the skills necessary to take a product from conception through design, development and test, to full production. Having developed and supported real products in consumer and commercial sectors they are well placed to provide value and support to their licensing partners.

So, if you want to offer superior location reporting services to your customers offering first mover advantage or a competitive edge to your customers, this can be achieved by engaging with Convert Technologies.

Our Partners

To trial the functionality of a fully featured pilot system, or to schedule a live demonstration of the SALUS system, please contact:

Andrew Parker: SALUS Product Manager, Astute Electronics (A Convert ‘white label’ partner).

Tel: +44 (0) 1438 909 909, Mob:+44 (0) 7973784110

Email: andrew.parker@astutegroup.com

Address: Astute Electronics Ltd, Astute House, Rutherford Close, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 2EF, UK.