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Healthcare Logistics

Use Cases

As part of the diversification and expansion of Convert’s IP Portfolio, for the past 4 years we have been working on our Tracking and Communication Technology solution, initially for the Healthcare sector, but can be applied equally well across a range of industries, such as Military & Aerospace and Rail. Below are three example Use Cases for your consideration. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, don’t hesitate to Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

The Problem

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More than one-third of nurses spend at least an hour searching for items of equipment during an average hospital shift, according to a survey by Nursing Times.

This equates to 40 hours per month and £900m of NHS wages a year spent hunting for missing pumps, drip stands, thermometers, matresses and drugs cupboard keys!

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On average, a further hour is spent helping other wards locate items, according to a survey of around 1,000 nurses.

In 16% of cases, respondents said that they had given up such a search during the past six months, after failing to find a piece of equipment.

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As a result, estimates indicate that hospitals will purchase between 10% to 20% more portable equipment than is actually required for operational needs, and yet staff still spend a large portion of their time looking for equipment. 

The Solution

No need to locate a nearby PC first, simply use the accompanying TaCT app to identify and locate your asset in 3D space, to an accuracy of 1-2m.

With the deployment of our real-time TaCT system, technical support staff can:

Locate the equipment they need quickly and efficiently.

Save valuable time with minimal steps needed to recover.

Save money and purchase fewer pieces of equipment.

Proportionately reduce the storage and maintenance needs and costs.

Client Benefits

Convert’s solution in a Hospital setting can deliver real-world benefits such as:

Greater operational efficiency.

Integrated asset/equipment location and maintenance reporting.

Improved staff and patient safety levels.

Improved staff and patient satisfaction.

Dual Location Technology &
Secure Data Integration

TaCT is highly scalable, capable of tracking thousands of tags across a large hospital campus, including multiple buildings, without disruptiing the building infrastructure (e.g. intrusive Anchors/Beacons installations in rooms/corridors) as is the case with RFID solutions. The healthcare sector is extremely cost-sensitive, therefore operating and installation costs must be minimised where possible. For example:

  • Asset tags should operate, without servicing, longer than the service-interval for the device they are tracking (typically 12-months).
  • Using Convert’s ‘Dual Technology’ Tag, radio-location services should place an asset within a broad area (e.g. in a room or ward) within 10-20m.
  • A secondary locating technique will then ‘home-in’ on the asset using BLE beaconing – this precision capability is not available in competitor systems.
  • Support is also available for application-specific services using Convert’s Intelligent Tag (i-Tag) for geofencing, asset-management integration, PPM, and service-monitoring etc.

Tracking range is especially significant, as fewer anchors to install means reduced infrastructure installation, complexity and cost.  Convert’s TaCT system also supports bi-directional and secure data-transfer – meaning Data Services could report on asset/device performance, service intervals and usage statistics.

Finding Out More

We want to engage channel partners to help shape the solution to their needs, ready for integration into their systems. As such, we are now able to offer a technology demonstration system available to interested parties, which can be installed quickly and easily in your preferred location or environment, for testing and validation purposes.

Convert Technologies are seeking NHS Trust partners, who are interested in digitising the ‘full’ patient journey, in order to provide the KPIs necessary to monitor A&E performance against the National standards. 

Track and monitor your inpatient’s care journey from ‘kerbside to beside’ with Convert’s UNIVERSAL Location Tag. For more information, or if you are interested in trialling a small pilot, feel free to download our 2-page Fact Sheet below.