How Can Convert Help Me?

Our Approach

We have a wealth of experience within our business to help, support and deliver for our partners. We are completely at ease to work with embryonic ideas and support our partners to bring those ideas to market, to deliver for their customers and other stakeholders. For some partners this product development life cycle can be quite a scary process, which may take a long time. However, working with Convert will de-risk and reduce the timeline for this product development process. We’ve done it many times before, enabling you to get to market quicker, with better returns.

Engagement & Delivery

We have a long history in both our own product development, as well as delivering for partners, of taking a prototype and turning that into products ready to be sold to the market. Our approach is for our potential partners to view/assess the TaCT demonstrator platform and see how location and data services can make a difference to their business. Once we understand what you want to achieve, working with you during this evolving process, we will agree the programme of work and will always deliver the software required on any projects. However, with our unique mixture of hardware & software skills, we can also advise on production and manufacturing requirements, including compliance testing, as well as providing detailed consultancy in delivering at various price points in different form factors. This will then give you options for how your products look, as well as the margins you are looking to return to your business. So, for the team here at Convert, it is more than Technology – it’s about delivering good margin and value back to your business.


We are thorough in what we do and we are a safe pair of hands. We won’t just get your product or solution live to the market – we will provide ongoing support to make sure any issues that arise, which we would expect to be minor in nature and minimal in number, are resolved quickly and in a seamless way. As you will already know, when your customers start to use your products and solutions, their feedback is often invaluable to make their experience the best it can be and for you to make greater returns over time. For us, it is not about just getting your first location project live – it is about working with you over the months and years after ‘Go Live’, to maximise the positive benefit to your business.