How Can Convert Help Me?

Our Approach

We specialise in identifying and implementing new technologies for practical solutions, guiding partners through product development, mitigating risks, and accelerating timelines for faster market entry and superior returns.

Engagement & Delivery

With a rich history in product development across a range of successfully completed partner projects, we are adept in transforming development concepts and prototypes into market-ready products. Our approach invites potential partners to explore the TaCT demonstrator platform, showcasing how asset location and secure data services can positively impact their business.

Through comprehensive discussions aimed at grasping your operational challenges, we can easily tailor both our core TaCT platform and work plan to consistently deliver the essential software required for each project.

Beyond software expertise, our unique blend of hardware and software skills allows us to offer insights into production, manufacturing requirements, compliance testing, and strategic consultancy across various price points and form factors.

This comprehensive approach empowers you with choices in product aesthetics, branding and desired profit margins. At Convert, we go beyond technology; we are committed to delivering substantial margins and value to your business.


We pride ourselves on delivering thorough and reliable services, ensuring a smooth launch of your product, platform, or solution to the market. Our commitment extends beyond the initial launch—we provide ongoing support to swiftly address any minor issues that may arise. Customer feedback is invaluable in enhancing their experience and maximising returns. Our aim is to stay with you in the months and years post-“Go Live” to optimise the positive impact on your business.