Convert Technologies have been awarded major funding for their TaCT (Tracking and Communication Technology) solution, to trial a patient locating and monitoring system. The funding has been provided by Innovate UK, the UK’s Innovation agency.

The funding award will enable the project to commence in June 2019. Trials are planned in Care Homes where Convert Technologies have built relationships to show how this revolutionary new approach can provide a scalable, secure solution that increases resident safety and well-being, and also provide for higher levels of communication both inside and outside of the Care Home.

Convert Technologies have developed many IoT (Internet of Things) solutions within the Audio and Home Entertainment sectors over the last 5 years. Using this experience and intellectual property (IP) built to date, Convert are well placed to adapt and apply this IP in the Health and Social Care Sector.

There is an increasing demand in the Health and Social Care Sector for technology to support the increase in demand for services.

The number of people in the UK over pensionable age is due to rise by 26% between 2017 and 2041, and it is estimated that an additional 12,000 care home places are needed year on year to keep pace with the growing number of over 85’s in the UK.

Convert Technologies’ solution, uniquely, will have the capability to operate indoors as well as outdoors, adding greatly to the flexibility available to care homes.

One of the Care Homes Convert Technologies have engaged with is Holbrook Hall. Their Managing Director, Morag Vaughan says,

“We have always had an ‘open door’ policy, which means that our residents are free to enjoy our gardens which run to several acres, and to stroll into our village. We are yet to find a suitable solution that exists on the market, which supports this approach safely, and that is why we are excited to work with Convert Technologies and their TaCT Solution. It would have the additional benefit and value of working indoors to identify the location of residents at any given time and monitor those with dementia who may be ‘wandering’. This, along with the ability to communicate between residents, healthcare professionals and family members remotely, would undoubtedly promote their safety”.

“From discussing the need for a solution with the team at Holbrook Hall, Convert’s TaCT technology would dramatically improve staff efficiency, as there would be enormous time savings. Staff would firstly know where to locate the resident and secondly, if there was an incident, they would know how they could help the resident and would be suitably prepared”, says Martin Boddy, Convert’s Managing Director.

About Convert Technologies

The company’s vision is to enhance upon current technologies and to also invent new ways of doing things that help and improve the lives of others. Convert’s model is not around production of the products themselves, but to license their designs and innovations to other manufacturing and distribution companies for those companies to take to market.