How do you test a solution/product and get feedback to get it market ready?

This is a very good question! From our perspective, here at Convert Technology, with our DAT-Air solution, the answer to this is to run a series of targeted Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns.

As people may have seen, we have announced our DAT-Air solution earlier this year and have been ‘talking to the market’ about it for the last 2-3 months. To seed the market with this solution, we have launched our campaigns, throughout February-April 2019. Through Facebook, we have managed to attract attention and valuable feedback from potential end users in the UK and U.S.A. Via LinkedIn, it will be existing brands and businesses that will help us take DAT-Air to market and introduce our technology to their end customers. Therefore, we think our social media activity will achieve the following key strategic objectives:

  1. To underpin the brand acquisition process for the DAT-Air solution.
  2. To establish our manufacturing partner as a potential avenue for brands to use to manufacture the solution if required.
  3. To have an active pool of users where we can get access to direct feedback on how to develop DAT-Air in the future.
  4. Fund the development to provide both Vinyl/Tape and CD recording/ripping within the same DAT-Air device.

DAT-Air is the only solution that can record and rip vinyl records, cassette tapes and CDs, straight to your mobile device… wirelessly! Now you can take your music collection anywhere: in the car, or on the move. Some people believe the streaming services can provide all the media required, however have you ever considered:

Also, there is something almost therapeutic in watching the DAT-Air process find the Artwork, Artist and song details via the Gracenote database and then be able to store the details within a device’s local library. We do not think that customers who use DAT-Air will digitise all of their physical media collections, although it is entirely possible to do this. However, to record/rip and then store (and protect) your favourite albums/tracks, and as per my previous comments, have them with you all the time on your device, is a fun thing to do and we are looking forward to supporting people do this.

We have spent considerable man years developing this solution and with the added expense of providing a patent protected technology, this has not been done on a whim. We are though, delighted with the outcome and can’t wait to get feedback from our users and brand connections on the campaign trail. Have your say via and let us know what you think.