The licensing model i.e. where companies can bring in third party technology to make their products and solutions more competitive and increase sales, is going from strength to strength. Convert Technologies have just concluded discussions to engage representation in North America. We are pleased to announce that ARC (Audio Representatives of Canada) have agreed to become our Licensing agent for North America, mostly covering Canada and the USA.

They will be the first point of contact and referral for brands and audio manufacturing companies based in that geography and enquiring about using Convert Technologies’ Intellectual Property (IP) in their solutions. We do receive enquires from North America, and it will be good to have representation in the right time zone, to work on them.

ARC is a new business but its personnel have been heavily involved with audio for a number of years, both as consumers and in the retail side of the audio business. Convert are delighted to announce ARC’s appointment as their licensing agent in North America and are already having some dialogues with brands regarding licensing Convert’s unique mix of hardware and software IP.

ARC will concentrate on 3 keys areas where Convert are strong and have ground breaking and unique solutions:

If you would like to find out more on this announcement please contact us, or if you are a brand in the North America region, please contact ARC via their website

About ARC

Based in Ontario, ARC has been orchestrated for the purposes of offering professional sales, marketing and related services to manufacturers and distributors of premium audio products in the territory of Canada.

Our sales staff will establish approved authorised resellers and follow up with associated services. With encouraged product knowledge training,  ARC works with our Principles and their sales and marketing departments to bring a value add to the business process.

Our Mission

As a motivated team, we at ARC, work in concert to provide our Principles with the highest quality sales, marketing and customer support. We would like to open a dialogue with your company and further discuss how we could best serve your needs.

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