Data Assured Transfer

Introducing DAT-Air

Data Assured Transfer (DAT-Air) technology bridges analogue/USB devices to wider mobile or cloud services via an Android or iOS mobile device. The technology consists of a hardware dongle with supporting software, and mobile app components.


The technology is available under license and can be complimented with Convert’s extensive engineering skills to provide a fully integrated package tailored to specific requirements.

Reference Design Licensing Package

Convert can supply everything needed to set up DAT-Air as your own branded solution, either as a standalone “dongle”, or as a module to be integrated with other devices. This will include:

  • All software components required to build supporting iOS and Android Apps.
  • All software components required for embedded components, including production test.
  • Full schematics and reference designs for DAT-Air, including supporting development and production test components.
  • DAT-Air standalone/built-in module samples.
  • Convert Engineering Team handover.


The DAT-Air dongle has three external interface connectors:

  • Micro USB – Provides dongle power via a normal USB phone charger.
  • USB Type A – Provides an input from the source USB device.
  • 3.5mm Jack – An optional alternate source input from 2-channel analogue device.


“I really like the DAT-Air technology. It is the right solution for today.” Axel Grell – Technical Consultant and formerly of Sennheiser.


Core Electronics

The DAT-Air dongle core electronics includes the WiFi module and CPU controller. Two connection interfaces are possible via USB (for digital sources), or 2-channel analogue. DAT-Air can be configured with one, or both interface combinations.