Tracking and Communication Technology for
Care Homes & Care Villages

Use Cases

As part of the diversification and expansion of Convert’s IP Portfolio, for the past 2 years we have been working on our real-time Tracking and Communication Technology solution, initially for the Health & Social Care sector, but can be applied equally well across a range of industries, such as transportation & logistics, smart agriculture and construction. Below are three Healthcare Use Case examples for your consideration. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, don’t hesitate to Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

The Problem

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80% of people living in the care home system have a form of dementia, or severe memory problems, according to the Alzheimer’s Society.


Half of those people will get lost at some point. 5% (25,000) will get lost repeatedly, doubling their risk of admission to long-term care. 

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Research has indicated that there is a 20% risk of death if people with dementia get lost and they are not found within 12hrs, which increases to 50% if the delay goes beyond 24hrs.

The Solution

Real-time locating of dementia sufferers has previously been considered a contentious issue, but by listening to the views of people affected by the condition, as well as clinicians and emergency services, research on this study concluded that ‘this type of technology can save lives’.

With our TaCT solution, the hope is that if our ongoing field trials continue to deliver successful and accurate results, care homes/villages, hospitals and housing associations will be able to keep people with dementia independent for as long as possible and without the privacy issues associated with internal cameras.

Offers increased protection, especially when combined with additional sensors (fall detection, hydration etc), and definition of personalised, location-based alarm triggers.

Provides direct communication link for resident to care staff, management to care staff, or relatives, through internet based services.

Offers a sophisticated, flexible nurse call system, easy to install, with no hard wiring.

A flexible system that works across both indoor and outdoor settings.

Client Benefits

Various possible applications of Convert Technologies solution in Care Home facilities can deliver real-world benefits such as:

Improved efficiency for employees and administration.

Improved staff and resident satisfaction.

Workflow and resident monitoring improvements.

Improved staff and resident safety levels.

Improved communications between management, carers, residents & families.

Finding Out More

We want to engage channel partners to help shape the solution to their needs, ready for integration into their systems. As such, we are now able to offer a technology demonstration system available to interested parties, which can be installed quickly and easily in your preferred location or environment, for testing and validation purposes.